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3 Big SaaS Myths Busted

In an age of cloud based technology, it’s surprising to find that many businesses are still unsure of the benefits of using Software as a Service, or SaaS. Common worries range from cloud based security, to spiralling costs. So it’s worth noting that in reality SaaS offers a flexible and robustly secure alternative to server applications.

We have set out to counter some of the most frequent misconceptions around this modern and effective way of managing IT and HR systems. Here are three popular misconceptions:

#1 It isn’t Secure

The great advantage of using a centrally hosted software system is that it provides an agile way of managing data. Effectively eliminating the complicated back processes involved with on-site storage.

Many businesses however, are still concerned with the security of SaaS. In truth, these highly advanced systems offer a cost effective way of tightly managing data with the help of intricate behind the scenes site architecture, and automated security updates.

The key is to look for the ISO27001 endorsement when searching for a software provider. This international accreditation is an assurance of best practice information security management. In short, this means that your supplier will have all the superior measures in place to safely deal with sensitive data.


#2 It only works for smaller companies

In recent years, key industry people like venture capitalist Marc Andreessen has encouraged larger corporations “to get out there and learn,” about new software technologies.

Historically SME’s have been drawn to the benefits of the low ownership costs of SaaS, with larger organisations continuing to rely on existing server based alternatives. This trend is now being bucked by big businesses looking for agile, smart ways of bringing their software solutions up to date.

One of the key benefits is the stringent management of cloud based software. Unlike in house systems, they’re monitored around the clock, minimizing loss of business time due to power problems and crashes.

Not only this, it’s a big cost saver. Figures from Computer Economics report that 7% of IT budgets are spent on datacentre costs by heavy cloud users, compared to a 16.6% industry average. This alone adds to the compelling reasons for switching to SaaS for all companies, great and small.


#3 It can’t be configured like server based applications

Businesses can be misled by the idea that one rule fits all with cloud based solutions. While it is true that SaaS often can’t be customised to the same extent as traditional applications – a high degree of customisability still exists.

Users can now configure all manner of SaaS applications to meet their needs and most providers will offer a certain degree of tailoring at point of sale.

In addition, many SaaS providers like Selima continually update applications with the help of user feedback, providing companies with feature rich applications aligned to specific requirements as part of its core functionality.



With senior industry experts advising companies of all sizes to look to the future and investigate new, improved ways of managing their data, the real facts of SaaS need to be explored.

SaaS is a key part of the modern business world, slotting neatly into the requirements of organisations of all sizes to work flexibility, cleverly and efficiently. Cutting budgets where possible, without sacrificing system capabilities and service output.

With this in mind, it makes sense to take a good look at the very real benefits cloud based systems offer, to really grasp the opportunities at your fingertips.

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