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5 Reasons to Use Recruitment Software

An estimated 7 out of 10 employers now do all their recruitment online, with more predicted to make the switch this year. Those of you who still use print adverts may be wondering how modern recruitment techniques and software can benefit your organisation.

Don’t believe you can cut down on those endless paper forms, speed up the process and still attract good quality candidates? Read on for my top five recruitment software benefits.

1. More People in More Places
Online adverts have a much wider geographical range than print adverts. Using recruitment software you can post adverts to specialist industry boards and local or national job boards in a matter of minutes. Think the online job market is for younger job hunters? Research shows that people of all ages seek employment in the same way – online. Having such a wide market makes the chances of finding your ideal candidate even easier.
2. Move Quickly
The process of posting a job advert online takes minutes to complete, in comparison a print advert may take weeks to finalise and see through to publication. Online recruiting means applications flood in within hours of posting an advert- ideal for companies who want to hire temporary or cover staff, or if you have an unexpected vacancy arise. It is possible to fill a post with a good quality candidate in just 24 hours using the internet.
3. Recession Busting
Finding ways to cut costs without cutting corners is the aim for every business. Print advertisements are expensive when compared with recruitment software and online advertising. A good recruitment system and vacancy page/website, linked to the most popular job boards increases reach and saves substantial amounts of money.
4. Standardisation
Is your recruitment done by more than one person, maybe even at different locations? Does everybody follow the correct procedure? Are equal opportunity laws and your own corporate policies adhered to?
How do you know?
With recruitment software you can set up workflow processes, including reminders and prompts for your entire process from advertising right through to onboarding. Automating your recruitment process ensures a standard procedure is adhered to right across the board.
5. Fish in Your Own Talent Pool
Maybe an applicant wasn’t right for the role this time, but they could be perfect for the next one. Gone are the days when CVs were stored in a tray marked ‘review at a later date’, only to be forgotten about or lost. Using online recruitment software will enable you to store previous applicants and search your own talent database, much like a recruitment agency would.
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