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Bakkavör Case Study

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Selima is a true business partner. They understand where we want to get to as a company and they work hard to help us get there.

That understanding is the foundation of a solid relationship that helps us run our business effectively.”

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Bakkavör group is a leading international fresh prepared food manufacturer with a turnover of £1.7bn operating 55 facilities in 10 countries.  In the UK, there are 15,000 employees working in 25 facilities including 12,500 weekly paid staff. These facilities thrive by knowing what works best for them.

They implement local policies and procedures to ensure that their customers such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose get the highest quality foods to meet their global consumer demand.

Critical Action

Bakkavör needed a system that was flexible enough to enable each factory to run individual timesheet systems, management reporting regimes and HR policies.

Bakkavör also needed to remove duplication and cost by centralising core functions such as payroll. As a growing company, newly acquired businesses needed to be integrated easily and with minimal disruption.


By using Selima, Bakkavör enables local facilities to run their own systems to meet their needs and feed the Selima centralised payroll system hosted in a secure, ISO270001 virtual cloud, also provided by Selima. This complex and intricate integration is a breeze for Selima.

Duplication is eliminated and cost significantly reduced. Importantly, the autonomy of individual factories is not impacted, which is so important to the company’s success.

When Bakkavör acquired new companies, Selima’s full retrospection capability allowed backdated pay structure changes to be applied automatically, removing the need for manual entry and saving huge amounts of time.

Bakkavör Needed

  • Centralisation of core services like payroll

  • To make savings on payroll operations

Bakkavör Achieved

  • A secure centrally controlled cloud based HR and payroll solution

  • Reduction in costs by centralisation of core systems

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