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Barrow Borough Council Case Study

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Moving to the Selima Payroll Managed Service was a good decision for us.  It is a first class service and excellent value for money.

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Barrow Borough Council, situated in South West Cumbria serves a population of nearly 70,000 residents. With just 270 staff providing a broad range of services from leisure to environmental services, and a sizeable housing stock, resources are tight and value for money is essential. This pressure was exerted even harder in 2011 when the Council went through a restructure of staff and functions to ensure that services could be delivered within budget.

Critical Action

Barrow had used Selima Payroll for over 15 years. The software had never let the council down and a payroll was never missed.

However, with the Payroll Officer leaving as part of the restructure, the Council considered the options for delivering the payroll service and it was clearly going to be cheaper and less risky to outsource.

The council went through a competitive procurement process and Selima once again proved to be the provider with the best quality of service and the best value for money.


Outsourcing to Selima delivered an immediate cost saving and ensured that the payroll continued to be run reliably.

Supporting software such as timesheets for leisure services staff is now run from Selima’s private cloud – providing high resilience and comprehensive disaster recovery.

The expertise of Selima’s payroll professionals are delivering on their promise of an even better service and at a lower cost than ever before.

Barrow Borough Council Needed

  • A way to reduce payroll costs

  • A secure and resilient payroll service

Barrow Borough Council Achieved

  • An immediate cost saving

  • Payroll hosted in a secure private cloud with full DR

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