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Could HR be Replaced by Robots?

As each New Year dawns, experts tout their predictions for the latest technological advancements. It’s an understatement to say that we live in an increasingly computerised world. HR is no different. In fact, existing and emerging technologies in the field have already had a big impact on the way things are done. Adding value by smoothing out complicated data driven tasks, or automating admin functions.

Working within this high-tech backdrop, it’s not much of a stretch to consider how this could change the face of HR. In fact, you don’t have to be a cynic to question whether some jobs are at risk of being completely automated in the near future.

So what is the outlook for HR teams and roles within them? To put it another way we may ask, could you be replaced by a robot?

AI in the real world

Artificial intelligence certainly offers some exciting possibilities. Even today, advanced HR software systems can perform tasks once unheard of without a lot of real, human elbow grease. Like breaking down complicated stats to reveal board-worthy, bite-size information.

As these systems develop in leaps and bounds, more and more admin, or data driven jobs can be struck off HR managers to-do lists as machines take the lead.

The BBC’s thought-provoking webpage, “Will a Robot Take my Job?” reveals that around 35% of UK jobs may be automated in the next two decades. All these figures are based on a study conducted by the Oxford University, looking at over 700 jobs. Explore this site further, and you’ll discover that HR admin roles rank particularly highly, and are apparently 90% likely to be performed by computers in the future. HR officers, managers and directors are a safer bet by comparison, but if you work in HR, the big picture could seem like a bleak outlook.

Balancing the facts

Figures like these may be panic-inducing for some, but the reality is that many workplaces already automate more mundane admin tasks. You could say that we’re already striding into the future when it comes to working smarter and using skilled HR for more strategic work.

Read through the top future HR trends, and you’ll see things like the intelligent use of social media platforms to share ideas, and seamless talent management processes. All these touchpoints are facilitated through agile software programs.

So instead of forecasting huge numbers of redundancies in the HR world as a consequence of AI, these systems are breeding new, previously unheard of possibilities. As a result, companies are expected to use these new technologies to revolutionise, and tool up their HR teams.

Human’s vs robots

From our perspective in the forward-thinking HR software field, it’s clear that the future of HR technology is ever-evolving. Systems are becoming more advanced, and increasingly capable. In short, cloud based HR programs are already innovative.

However, the idea that computers will take over HR completely is unthinkable. Why? Quite simply because real people are needed to bring out the best of the software. That’s precisely why HR managers, officers, and directors are highly unlikely of being automated. Without human input, creatively pulling the information from these machines to use strategically, or effectively communicating with the people within the business is impossible.

We’ve known for some time that using software to streamline admin presents a real opportunity, rather than a threat to companies and their HR teams, creating new opportunities in turn.

So when you look to the future as an HR professional, embrace technology. The age we live in has the power to transform HR like never before, and presents the chance to work smarter, and deliver big things

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