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Expansion: how to prepare for the next step for your business

Expanding your business can be an enticing prospect, if not without risks. Expansion allows your business more national and/or global reach, finding new customers and audiences in the process. But it’s a double edged sword; launching into expansion without a solid plan or secure software to back it up can lead to problems down the line.

These problems might include spreading staff too thin, not being able to afford the labour cost of additional hires, or failing to reach an audience beyond the size of your business. At Selima we’ve been successful in providing software that has helped many of our customers expand into new ventures.

We’ve been able to do this by continuously developing and improving our cloud based HR software. By prioritising the concept of labour optimisation, we can help businesses with automate paper based processes to software to eliminate human error and opening up more hands-on time for employees and managers.

Another core viewpoint of ours is that labour optimisation does not equal laying off employees in favour of automation, rather that the automation of HR and payroll tasks makes the lives of employees and managers easier. Through this, they can focus more precisely on delivering an excellent customer service every single day.

One of our customers, Decathlon UK, implemented Selima and have since been able to expand with new store openings across the country, including a venture with ASDA. This is what they had to say about our software:

“Selima software provides great intelligence allowing Store Managers to schedule Sports Advisor shifts in line with our busy periods ensuring that we have the right people at the right time in order to give you, the customer, a great experience. Our Store Managers now spend less time on administration and more time hands-on, focusing on the efficient running of the store.”

Our method of labour optimisation is achieved through many systems collectively working to deliver a more productive end result for the business. Our HR software starts with the centralised employee database, an invaluable tool for large businesses.

The database includes a breakdown of each employee’s salary details and employment information. This is much better than having hundreds of individual records stuffed into a drawer in a manager’s office.

In addition to scrapping physical storage of these records, so too follows paper holiday requests and absence reports. It’s now all handled digitally, and can be paired with our powerful, in-depth HR reports whenever you need a collection of data on any section of your business.

One of Selima’s key objectives is to give our customers greater control over their businesses. This can be achieved through the swift creation of reports, payslips et al that saves managers hours of time each week. Those hours then feel more well spent on a more hands-on approach to the role.

If you want to learn more about our HR and payroll software, feel free to get in touch by booking a demo on our website. We hope to hear from you soon!

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