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Simple for managers. Easy for everyone.

Selima Expenses allows employees and managers to take responsibility for their own expense claims. Simple self-service saves time and money, as well as providing greater transparency. Users will find claiming expenses a simple task rather than a time-consuming chore.

Making mileage claims has never been as easy with postcode look up enabling users to make accurate claim down to the nearest 10th of a mile. Selima Expenses calculates the journeys C02 emissions and displays them instantly, helping employees become environmentally aware, assisting with planning more efficient future routes or considering sharing vehicles.

If a journey is being undertaken for the first time or a postcode is unknown, the user can log into self-service on a mobile device and use GPS to store their current location – when the destination can also be stored using GPS when the location is reached. Frequently made journeys can be saved by the user as a favourite- recallable at the touch of a button and reducing time spent inputting data.

Receipt Claims and Storage

Easy to navigate screens and drop down boxes make claiming expenses a breeze. Photographs of receipts can be uploaded and stored against a specific claim using a mobile phone. Having receipt evidence stored in the system cuts down on the need for saving filed paper claims, making the process completely paper free. Employees can immediately see the status of claims when they log in.


Selima Expenses gives customers the ability to set up flat rate allowances for their business. This is anything that employees would be allowed to claim at a set rate, such as incidental overnight expenses. Users can see an allowances tab and a drop down box listing the allowances available to them and the flat rate amount.

Driver Docs

Expenses users can upload their own driver documents to their profile- copies of licences, insurance documents and MOT certificates. The ability to self-upload ensures employees are complying with company policy and cuts down HR/Manager administrative time.

Auto Approve Claims

Managers have the ability to set up auto approvals for claims under a certain amount or for employees who have set limits.


The Selima system automatically strips out all VAT on employee claims, meaning clients no longer have to do this manually. Lots of businesses don’t fully reclaim VAT on employee expenses, but the simple reports provided to support VAT reclaims make the process simple and efficient. Reclaiming VAT accurately further enhances return on system investment.


Selima Expenses features a selection of reports for expense management; enabling businesses to track employee spend, find errors or fraud and ensure company policy is adhered to. A selection of commonly used reports is included in Expenses or bespoke reports can be built easily. Report on expense spend and help identify ways to improve on employee spending and adjust company policy as required.

“We know that this has had a far bigger impact than we first thought it would, with much greater savings than we anticipated.

Now we can see every single journey we’re making at a glance and that’s giving our managers the tools to understand the way their departments are working more clearly.”

Nick Jones

Service Director (Operational Finance), Rhondda Cynon Taf.

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Rhondda Cynon Taf’s decision to replace its inefficient, paper-based system with a specialist online expenses management solution has started realising significant savings.

Expenses Made Easy For Everyone

A simple three-step procedure guides the employee through the claim process, reducing errors and time required to process by both the employee and approving manager.

Dashboards display statistics for both managers and employees.

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