Mileage Claims

Employees can create mileage claims using the inbuilt postcode look up tool (accurate to the nearest 10th of a mile) or by using GPS technology via their mobile. Frequent journeys can be saved as a recent favourite – recallable at the touch of a button, which helps reduce the time spent inputting data.

Plus, employees can see a journeys C02 emissions helping them become more environmentally aware.

Expense Claims

With easy to navigate screens and drop down boxes, your employees can claim an expense with ease. Photographs of receipts can be uploaded and stored against a claim on the go, using their mobile.

All receipts are stored securely in the system, which completely eliminates the need for paper based expense claims. Plus, your employees can see the status of submitted and historical claims every time they log in.

Expense Cards

Employees can enter credit card spend into the system and provide a reason, allowing you to match up monthly statements without contacting employees. Plus, the system can also handle fuel card transactions – employees using a fuel card for personal mileage can enter data and the system will automatically calculate how much tax must be paid by the employee and sends through to payroll.

Configuration & Storage

Managers have the ability to set up flat rate allowances, such as incidental overnight expenses. They can also set up auto approvals for claims under a certain amount or for employees who have set limits.

Plus, employees can upload their driver documents against their profile – copies of licences, insurance documents and MOT certificates. All of this helps reduce the administrative burden on the HR department.

VAT Reclaims

The system automatically strips out all VAT on claims, meaning you don’t have to do this manually. A simple report will help support VAT reclaims with the HMRC making the process efficient and helping save your business money.


Managers are able to track employee spend, find expense errors or fraudulent activity and ensure employees adhere to the Companies policies. Managers can run pre-defined reports or build custom reports using the inbuilt report writer.

“We know that this has had a far bigger impact than we first thought it would, with much greater savings than we anticipated.

Now we can see every single journey we’re making at a glance and that’s giving our managers the tools to understand the way their departments are working more clearly.”

Nick Jones| Rhondda Cynon Taf.

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