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Face your fears and find a solution to all your HR predicaments

As a business grows the management of human resources becomes more of a burden than it ever was before. As well as the in house issues you will naturally occur, it’s vital that your company stays compliant with UK legislations which are only ever increasing, the workforce is becoming more dynamic, the expectations on supervisors and managers is more complex, and most businesses are trying to do more with less.

This makes it easy to understand why mistakes can happen in the world of HR management, Selima have contrived a list of the most common issues that regularly occur in the HR world. Alongside these issues is a simple solution, which will make you question why you didn’t think of using an integrated HR and Payroll software in the first place.

Problem: Faulty hiring practices or unnecessary hiring costs
Solution: Using Selima Recruitment, a careers microsite site can be created on your own website. Candidates can create a profile and save personal details along with CVs and any supporting document. When used in conjunction with Selima HR, Recruitment can help ensure adequate staff levels across departments and teams. Shortages are recognised in HR and vacancies can be posted to the careers microsite with just a couple of clicks.

Problem: Misclassification of Employees
Solution: There are several layers of employee classifications: Regular vs. temporary; Full-time vs. part-time; and exempt vs. non-exempt. Most organizations make errors in classifying a position, with Selima, you can modify all details of any employee under one roof, where you can actively classify positions even under multi role employees.

Problem: Defiance of wage and hour legislations
Solution: Avoid making assumptions regarding rules around pay as it can be costly is found to have been violated. With Selima you can be extra diligent around the time, calculation of overtime, docking salaried employees, inappropriate payroll deductions, rounding time for hourly employees, and the recording of actual time worked with our Scheduling Software, you can also seamlessly integrate with EPOS systems, giving you a real time feed of your daily takings. Improve cost efficiencies and minimise lateness with smart clocking in and out via iPads.

Problem: Lack of supervisory training
Solution: With HR software, the time you save on arduous processes such as manual staff rotas, filing and approving employee requests, can be spent on improving the effectiveness of your management team by improving their essential management skills. Employees can request specific training courses using Selima, and can record all training sessions that have been attended which can be used towards employee reviews and meetings. By empowering your management team you are improving confidence and capacities which tend to lead more productive and effective teams.

Problem: Incorrect filing of important documents
Solution: As a high member of HR authority within a company, it lies on your head to produce relevant documents when needed. Everything should be documented. The good, the bad and the ugly, and stored somewhere easily accessible. Selima enables you to do that with revolutionary paperless documentation. From CV’s to Payslips your employees can access all the necessary documents they need from the click of a button. For managerial purposes documents such as performance related discussions, examples of performance issues with written warnings; and document examples of good performance to be used later in formal performance evaluations, or promotion decisions. Documenting activities in real time will be much easier, and more accurate, saving you time and effort and overall to avoid mistakes.

Cloud based HR software is a business reality that HR must accept to help drive competitive advantage, and with it comes great opportunity to push your business forward through times of evolution and change. That’s why cloud-based systems are now accepted by nearly 80% of organisations and more people now than ever are choosing Selima.

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