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GHA Case Study

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The payroll managed service from Selima is reliably delivered by expert and knowledgeable staff. There is no downtime and the reports give us much more transparency than we ever had before.

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Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is one of the largest social landlords in Europe and employs 1,700 people. Over the last decade, GHA has invested more than £1b in the largest housing-modernisation programme of its kind in Europe. GHA’s payroll consists of 4-weekly, 2-weekly and two monthly payroll cycles. 

For an organisation as complex as GHA and as committed to delivering excellent customer service, it is essential that key back office functions work effectively and efficiently.

Critical Action

GHA looked for a payroll managed service provider that was flexible, responsive and could raise or lower the levels of service to suit business requirements.

It was necessary to have service staff that had extensive payroll and system knowledge with a customer focused attitude.  Good reporting was also essential to give GHA better transparency of its business.

Grace Hamilton, Payroll Manager, Glasgow Housing Association


GHA estimate the cost savings of moving to the Selima Managed Service to be in excess of 50% over a two year period as a result of changing the processes in operation beforehand.

Whilst GHA focuses on improving the lives of its customers, Selima has improved the lives of GHA employees by taking the worry out of running the payroll function.

GHA are now looking to do even more with Selima to deliver even greater savings and efficiencies.

GHA Needed

  • A flexible outsourced payroll solution

  • To make savings on payroll operations

GHA Achieved

  • A payroll service that flexed with their needs

    Estimated 50% payroll cost reduction

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