Posted on by Jessica Peaty

HMRC Figures Show Selima Are RTI Ready

Figures released by HMRC show Selima have Achieved 95.94% success rate for FPS submissions and 99.09% for EPS submissions during the our Introduces participation in the Real Time Information (RTI) pilot. Selima joined the pilot at the start of Phase 2 with over 40 customers now participating. In the period up to 31st January over 500 submissions have been made by our customers and managed service team.

Managing Director Wayne Blakemore says “The team have worked hard over the past year to ensure we remained compliant with the changing specifications for RTI submissions. This encouraging news from HMRC is  a credit to both them and our customers who volunteered to join the pilot and worked with us in partnership to ensure we were ready for the biggest shake up to PAYE reporting in its history”

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