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How to deal with the longer days and even longer London nights in hospitality

London is catching up with New York with its reputation for being known as the ‘city that never sleeps’. A huge investment to modernise the London underground means that their will now be a 24 hour tube to match.

Trains will now operate through the night on the Victoria line and parts of the Central line every Friday and Saturday, with the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines. Over 100,000 people used the Night Tube in its first 48 hours last weekend, and transport experts in London expect the number to double per weekend by the end of the year.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

It is anticipated that the night tube will have an immediate effect on the hospitality industry in which bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants could all potentially lengthen their business hours or stagger closing times. It will also prove beneficial to hospitality employees who work late shifts.
1 in 8 London jobs involve night work so the tube will make London more accessible and affordable for the key workers who keep our city going, but what does this mean for the way hospitality businesses operate their labour productivity?

With potential longer shifts and later finishing times managers will need to ensure staff are compensated accordingly.
As a result of having longer opening hours hospitality businesses will have to adjust the way in which they run their businesses. Organisations without balanced employee schedules risk over-working staff and reducing productivity. A well-considered workforce scheduling system can help to improve employee satisfaction engagement, and ultimately retention.

The answer?
Selima’s HR and Staff Scheduling software

Employees need to be able to request time off for a vacation, a sick day, or any other relevant reason, directly to a centralised system. Selima’s HR software enables you to eliminate paper holiday requests and improve sickness record keeping. Managers can accept or reject holiday requests and see who is off, in real-time via the team calendar. Inbuilt Bradford Factor triggers help you to identify and address negative absence trends.

Self-service tools let employees lodge their preferred working hours and unavailability. Employees can edit their own personal information, request leave, add appraisal notes and submit training requests online via their mobile.

Selima’s Staff Scheduling software lets workers trade shifts with qualified peers give them more control over their schedule without compromising the businesses’ functionality. Manager’s can quickly create and distribute rotas to an entire workforce. Leaving more time to focus on service delivery and front of house duties.

What’s more, you will be automatically notified when an employee’s leave or absence affects a newly created rota, allowing you to make arrangements with another member of staff.

Longer opening hours may mean that you see a significant increase in tips and service charges, especially surrounding drinks service with Selima’s tronc integration. Tronc ensures all employees receive a fair distribution of tips and service charges, whilst ensuring you’re compliant with HMRC. Card or cash tips and services charges are divided among employees using an individual’s own tronc rate. Any taxable tips and service charges will automatically be calculated and reflected in payroll and on an employee’s payslip.

All of the above need to be considered for both manager and employee when the effects of the 24 hour tube come into place. Workforce management software enhances planning and maximises productivity whilst delivering staff a better experience for their personal plans when the business needs them most.

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