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International Women’s Day 2017

International Women’s Day is right around the corner, taking place on the 8th March 2017. This year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme is “be bold for change,” utilising a hashtag of the same slogan. As with previous years, the day takes place to encourage a rallying cry for people of any gender, binary and non-binary, to come together to abolish the gender pay gap.

As predicted by the World Economic Forum, the gender pay gap won’t be fully closed until 2186 if no action is taken. In fact, the report is prefixed with a rather damning sentence: “More than a decade of data has revealed that progress is still too slow for realising the full potential of one half of humanity within our lifetimes.”

Evidence of the gender pay gap comes in the form of unpaid working hours. On average, for every 8 and a half hours a female employee works, nearly 5 of those hours go unpaid. Rather than wait a century and a half for things to change, International Women’s Day is aiming to close that gap as soon as possible.

Support for International Women’s Day has surged in recent years, with several large businesses pledging support for the movement. These include BP, Avon, MetLife and Vodafone. When industry leaders such as these dedicate themselves to achieving a higher standard of women’s rights in the workplace, other businesses should be looking to follow suit.

Of course, the objective of IWD isn’t just focused on the workplace. It’s also aiming to remove sexism, harassment and assault against women, in all environments. As always, IWD paves the way for grassroots support to convey its message. Events are happening across the globe to in support of the movement and include lunches, fun runs, summits and festivals.

We strongly believe that businesses can do their part in ending the gender pay gap. You can read more about International Women’s Day on their official website, where you can see exactly what the movement is campaigning for (and against), and even sign your name in support and create your own events.

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