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Newark & Sherwood District Council Case Study

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Selima HR helped us reduce absence by 22%. The Manager Homepage provides managers with instant information about their team so that they can make better decisions and take action immediately.

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Newark & Sherwood District Council serves a population of 114,000 people in a largely rural area of Nottinghamshire. The Council employs 315 full time staff plus a further 324 part time employees.  In challenging economic times, it has been critical for Newark & Sherwood to harness its resources to the maximum. Key to this has been to reduce absence across the authority.

Critical Action

Newark & Sherwood had used Selima HR and Payroll software for many years. Towards the end of 2011, the council implemented the latest absence functionality from Selima and installed the Selima HR Manager Homepage.

This homepage provides managers with a snapshot of their employees so that they know instantly what is going on in their area.

Devolving control in this way improved transparency for managers and helped deliver a significant reduction in absence.


As a result of implementing Selima’s absence management module, absence at Newark & Sherwood reduced by 22%.

Importantly, this reduction has been a sustainable one with absence levels remaining significantly lower than they were before the introduction of the new functionality.

For instance, managers can now complete return to work interviews completely independent of HR with everything they need right in front of them on the screen. This puts more control in the hands of managers, therefore reducing the demand on HR.

Newark & Sherwood Needed

  • Better absence management

Newark & Sherwood Achieved

  • A sustainable 22% reduction in absence

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