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P11D Guidance

After the end of the tax year you need to complete your expenses and benefits forms and send them to HMRC. All of these forms must be submitted to HMRC by 6 July and any Class 1a NIC’s due must be paid to HMRC by 22 July.

You need to submit a form P11D or P9D for each employee to whom you’ve provided taxable expenses and benefits during the tax year, and one form P11D(b) to declare the overall amount of Class 1A National Insurance contributions (NICs) due on all the expenses and benefits you’ve provided. The type of form submitted for an employee depends on their earnings. You can read more here.

HMRC recommend submitting forms online to avoid errors, this also gives you the chance to make any changes before you send them. If you do make a mistake with any forms, HMRC has issued new guidance on what to do here. Expense and benefit forms can be submitted through HMRCs gateway; however- If you are a large company with a lot of forms to submit, we recommend you purchase P11D software to make the task easier.

Our P11D solution manages all taxable benefits including accommodation, mileage payments, cars and fuel, loans, private medical treatment/insurance, and more. The interface is simple and intuitive in that the P11D and working sheets replicate the official HMRC forms. Information can be viewed by benefit or employee and several employee records can be open at once, making comparison easy. Completed P11D’s or employee benefit letters can be emailed directly to your employees in order for them to complete their own tax returns.

For further information and assistance with P11D and associated forms send us an wholesale.

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