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Selima Recruitment is changing the way in which organisations recruit. Modern, intuitive and highly functional, Recruitment provides a complete end to end solution. Manage a standardised recruitment process across multiple sites, business streams or sub organisations.
Careers Microsite

Using Selima Recruitment, a careers microsite site can be created on the customer’s own website. Branded to individual specifications, it has the same look and feel as all the other web pages on the corporate site. Open posts look appealing and are easy to navigate for applicants. A list of ‘featured vacancies’ can be created giving the best chance of quickly filling posts.

Candidate Area

Candidates can create a profile and save personal details along with CVs and any supporting documents. Job alerts set up by the candidate appear when they log in and this area also includes a search function. They can log in and check progress on applications as well as complete any additional forms they have been alerted to; such as reference forms.

If a candidate is selected for interview they can also choose their slot in the portal from a list of available times, which can quickly and easily be pre-defined.

Fast Vacancy Creation

New vacancies are simple to create as templates guide the user through the set up. Supporting documents can also be uploaded with job specifications, pictures and graphics available. If the job advertised is a role that has been advertised before it can be re-posted with just one click. Vacancies all feature a share button so can be posted to social media sites, thus increasing the chances of filling posts quickly.

Application Forms and Assessment Criteria

Setting assessment criteria for each vacancy means no more time is spent sifting through applicants who don’t have relevant qualifications or experience. Individually tailored application forms are completely customisable meaning the specific information required can be gathered from applicants.

Equal Opportunities

Template driven candidate scoring helps the recruiting panel to assess candidates easily and fairly. Electronic audits measure why candidates have been rejected to ensure full compliance with equal opportunity standards.

Talent Pool

Previous applicant details are saved into a talent pool and filters make it easy to search for any suitable candidates already registered in the database. Having a talent database enables easier recruitment in the future; with potential candidates available for a post before it is advertised.


When used in conjunction with Selima HR, Recruitment can help ensure adequate staff levels across departments and teams. Shortages are recognised in HR and vacancies can be posted to the careers microsite with just a couple of clicks. The recruitment process is made significantly more efficient with the ability to transfer new employees directly from Recruitment into HR, this function eliminates duplication effort and ensures the correct personal details are transferred.

Revolutionise Recruitment

An attractive solution for all recruitment needs, eRecruitment changes the way customers’ advertise, interview and employ staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about paper applicants?

We understand that you may still on occasion wish to receive paper applicants – these can be imported into the system easily and the document uploaded alongside the application.

What if my business has divisions with different branding but I still want to use eRecruitment across the board?

eRecruitment can support multi brand corporations; you can upload as many logos as you wish.

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