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Sandwell College Case Study

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Selima provide us with a really personal service. They are a modern, responsive and experienced company and their services are great value for money. For a college, using Selima really is a first class option.

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Central Campus, Sandwell College sits in a £77m iconic landmark building in central West Bromwich and attracts learners from across Birmingham and the Black Country.  The fantastic facilities include a simulated dental surgery and even a real aircraft fuselage to help train students in the Travel and Tourism industry.

The College has one goal – to drive aspiration and achievement. Long course success rates have leapt up and educational attainment now sits above national average.  High standards are expected of everybody – including suppliers and it was with this in mind that the college started looking for a first class payroll provider.

Critical Action

The College had been with another provider for 10 years and the back office systems desperately needed modernising.  There was a need for more sophisticated reporting and a reduction in paper usage.  Automation of payroll administrative tasks was also needed – to cut workloads without cutting corners.

The college went through a competitive procurement process using the CPC Framework and selected Selima as their choice provider.  Buying via the framework was easy, quick and gave the college great value for money.


The transition period to Selima was remarkably quick and pain free.  From the initial decision to change provider- to being live on the new service with Selima was just 16 weeks.

The Selima Payroll managed service delivered benefits in the very first month in the form of better automation, improved reporting and a significant reduction in paper.

College employees now also benefit from a new ePayslip portal which gives them easy access to their salary information and saved yet more administrative time for the college.

Sandwell College Needed

  • Less manual input into payroll

  • Modernisation of back office systems

Sandwell College Achieved

  • Payroll automation

  • Paper reduction and improved reporting

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