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Staff Scheduling

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Selima Staff Scheduling is an employee resource planning tool designed for any organisation with shift or rostered employees. When combined with Selima Payroll, Staff Scheduling provides a powerful end-to-end solution – from staff planning through to salary payment.
Budgeting and Cost Control

Scheduling enables managers to control a budgeted wage environment. Budgets can be uploaded to ensure resource spend is fully monitored and managed. Budgets can be compared against forecast revenue to accurately plan ahead. System flexibility enables more resource to be added for predicted busy periods, meaning customers are never caught out unexpectedly or suddenly exceed the budget. Non-rota costs, which still need to be included in the resource budget, can be added to the rota to give a complete picture of day-to-day financial performance.

Flexible Workforce

Scheduling meets all common industry pay structures and employment terms including; multiple employments, sharing and borrowing of staff between locations and a quick re-employ feature.

Rota Building

Building a rota is simplified and made considerably faster by selecting pre-defined shifts from the shift bank. Regular and default shifts can be stored in the shift bank, removing the need to key anything in when planning staff rotas. Shifts can be stored as whole or split shifts.

Employee leave and absence is also taken into consideration by the system. When building a rota customers will be notified of any relevant employee leave that could potentially affect the rota, thus ensuring enough notice to make arrangements with another member of staff.

Approval Process

An approval workflow process is included in Scheduling. Draft rotas are submitted for approval or referral before going live; the process is completely configurable and depends on how the organisation is structured.

Notes can be added at any stage of the process and these accompany the rota through its workflow cycle; thus ensuring each member of the team is informed and in control.

Rota Sharing and Employee Portal

Communicating the rota to employees is easy and efficient. The rota can be printed or emailed as a PDF. An intuitive employee portal is provided that gives staff access to their rota from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Employees can also use the portal to request holidays, view their ePayslips and change their own personal information such as bank details or changes of address.

Tips and Service Charges

Scheduling enables customers to make sure all employees receive their own fair share of tips and service charges whilst at the same time ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations. When a shared tronc system is used, card or cash tips and services charges are divided among employees using an individual’s own tronc rate. Any taxable tips and service charges will automatically be calculated and reflected in payroll and payslips.


Selima Payroll ensures employees are paid correctly using the information extracted directly from Scheduling. Whether hourly-paid, shift-paid, salaried or zero hours contracted, Payroll handles multiple pay structures.

Starter and leaver details are automatically reflected in Payroll, reducing the risk of errors and reducing administration time. If customers have their own payroll system in place, Scheduling has a configurable interface to exchange information with the existing Payroll solution.

“We are amazed at the quality of the software Selima has delivered. The usability and functionality of Selima Rostering far exceeds anything else on the market.Selima as a company are full of innovative ideas and we are very excited about the great developments they will be giving us next.”
Torquil Sligo-Young

Young & Co’s Brewery P.L.C.

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Young‘s have been using our Staff Scheduling in their pubs since its creation and have found that the benefits never stop coming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use my current payroll system?

Yes, Staff Scheduling (in conjunction with HR) can export data to most payroll systems.

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