Creating New Rotas

Quickly create and distribute rotas to your entire workforce. Previously created rotas can be stored in the system eliminating the need to rekey information. Plus, you can create single or multiple shift times per day.

What’s more, you will be automatically notified when an employee’s leave or absence affects a newly created rota, allowing you to make arrangements with another member of staff.

View Shifts On The Go

Employees can view their shifts on the go using their smart phone. Alternatively, managers can print or email PDF versions to their employees.

Plus, employees can request leave, view payslips and edit their profile from their smart phone.

Budget & Forecast

Accurately control your daily financial performance – forecast your wage costs and compare against your staffing budget. Staffing budgets can be compared against forecast revenue enabling you to effectively manage your wage costs.

Easily add additional staff for predicted busy periods, whilst ensuring you don’t exceed your staffing budget. Non-rota costs can be added to the rota to give you a complete picture of the day-to-day financial performance of your business.

Calculate Tronc Rates

Tronc ensures all employees receive a fair distribution of tips and service charges, whilst ensuring you’re compliant with HMRC. Card or cash tips and services charges are divided among employees using an individual’s own tronc rate.

Any taxable tips and service charges will automatically be calculated and reflected in payroll and on an employee’s payslip.

EPOS Integration

Our Scheduling Software seamlessly integrates with all EPOS systems, giving you a real time feed of your daily takings. All of this allows you to compare actual revenue against your staffing budget, giving you even greater visibility of your daily financial performance.

Scheduling Software Icons

Check out some of the key icons you’ll see when using our Scheduling Software.

Unpaid Break

Tea Break

Unpaid break

Happy Face

Smiley Face*

Clocked in on time

Unhappy Face

Unhappy Face*

Clocked in late

Neutral Face

Neutral Face*

Clocked in time review

Smart Clocking In & Out*

Improve cost efficiencies and minimise lateness with smart clocking in and out via iPads. Using an iPad, employees can see who is also working their shift and clock in using their secure PIN.

Once an employee is logged in, the system will automatically update the Scheduling Software with a happy or sad face depending on the time at which they clocked in.

* Time is an optional module

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