Selima provide cloud-based software that makes it easy for you to manage all aspects of employing both teaching and non-teaching staff. The software connects seamlessly to our payroll bureau service leaving you with nothing to worry about when it comes to paying your staff accurately in on time.

Multiple employments

Teachers pay claims

Absence management


Schools workforce census


Acting- up allowances and ad-hoc payments

Centralised Employee Database

Store all of your employee records in one
centralised location – including personal and salary details, employment information, career history, next of kin and much more. Plus, employees with one or more job positions can be easily stored against one record.

Pay Scales

Selima can handle any combination of pay frequency and pay spines. Employees can be paid by any combination of pay and be able to support even the most complex of organisations.


Using Selima Recruitment, a careers microsite site can be created on the customer’s own website. Branded to individual specifications, it has the same look and feel as all the other web pages on the corporate site. Open posts look appealing and are easy to navigate for applicants. A list of ‘featured vacancies’ can be created giving the best chance of quickly filling posts.

Absence Records

Define sickness triggers and use Bradford Factor scoring to help highlight absence issues.

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