Selima offer a unique end-to-end solution for retailers including time and attendance, scheduling and employee self-service. Enabling retailers to align store labour to corporate goals and institutionalise best-practice response, to real-time metrics and alerts.

Creating staff rotas

Managing wage costs
against budgets

Paying employees accurately

Streamlining HR processes

Monitoring absence and timekeeping

Recording staff training
and qualifications

Simplifying recruitment
and on-boarding

Centralised Employee Database

Being able to pull through employee data from one
centralised database eases duplication of work and eliminates the possibilities of human error. Plus, employees with one or more job positions can be easily stored against one record.

Create New Rotas

Create and distribute rotas with ease, from one central location. Easily update and manage the rota from any desktop or tablet.

Absence Records

Define multiple holiday scheme details with length of service uplifts. Manage holidays in days or hours. Allow employees to submit and manage their own holiday requests. Use the manager approval process to view team calendars and accept or reject requests.


Provide a suite of training exercises and tutorials for new staff to get to grips with the role. This can be set up in a new portal for staff to easily access at work, at home or on the go.

Labour Optimisation

Manage your labour spend more effectively using real-time traffic light visuals to fine tune your rota and ensure you have the right level of resource when needed.

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