Posted on by Jessica Peaty

Selima at CIPD ACE 2016: What we’re doing and what to expect

It’s that time of year again, and here at Selima we’ve been busy gearing up for the CIPD’s Annual Conference and Exhibition. Key members of our staff will be on hand exhibiting our HR and payroll software, and visitors to the stand will be given an in-depth demonstration of how our various systems synergise with each other and ultimately save your business and managers valuable time. Time that can be spent on your most important asset: your people!

To go a bit more in-depth (but also without giving too much away!) we’ll be demonstrating key elements of our software solutions package. These include our employee portal, payslip viewing and management, time and attendance and our clocking-in system. One of our chief aims at ACE 2016 is to show just how valuable a resource time is for your business, and the wealth of it you can save through software automation.

We would especially like to welcome managers in the teaching, hospitality and retail industries to attend a demonstration, especially if your current HR model prevents you from being as interactive with your customers as you’d like.

In preparation of ACE 2016, Selima have invested in a new-look stand that’s guaranteed to catch the eye. The sleek, rounded design reflects our values of simplicity and ease that act in accordance to our HR and payroll software solutions. It’s not all superficial, of course, but we’re confident in thinking our more modern design will turn heads and attract conference goers, potentially even you: the reader!

The CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition will be held in the Manchester Central Convention Complex, and will take place on the 9-10th November between 9am-5pm on the Wednesday, and 9am-4:30pm on Thursday. That’s at least 15 hours of networking and industry insights courtesy of this year’s myriad speakers and analysts that will be attending. We hope you’ll drop by our stand at the event and learn how Selima’s HR and payroll software solutions can improve the productivity of your business!

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