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Selima Q&A – Wayne Blakemore

Welcome to the first Selima Team Q&A! Meet a different member of our team each month; find out what they do at Selima and few fun facts. This month is Managing Director – Wayne Blakemore. Wayne has been with Selima since 2012 and brings considerable software industry knowledge and experience with him.

Can you tell us a little bit about your job?
As MD I oversee the executive management team, drive the business forward and come up with the vision. I also take special responsibility for new software development as that is my background and where I built my career.

Most satisfying aspect of your job?
Seeing new software come from concept to release and then being used by customers in real-world situations.

What are the key changes you’ve seen in the HR industry over the last few years?
A push towards greater use of technology to empower managers and employees.

What do you think are the future priorities for HR Professionals?
To help business leaders improve output, efficiency and job satisfaction in the workplace.

What is your favourite Selima feature? (any aspect of the software or part of our service)
Being able to duplicate an expense claim item from a previous month to save me rekeying.

Who do you look to for inspiration and why?
All the leading companies in the software world so Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and so on. They spend millions on ideas, design and concept stuff and they define the technology, the software standards and the user interfaces that will go into widespread use. I let them spend the money then harness any good ideas.

If you weren’t MD at Selima, what do you think you would be doing instead?
Something very similar. It would be a leadership role in a predominately software business. It’s what I know and I’m good at it so why change.

What five things would you put in Room 101?
• Twitter
• Wallpaper
• Ugg Boots<br/>
• Airline meals
• Beards

What is one thing about you that might surprise people?
When I was a very young man I had the opportunity for a professional music career. I could have gone on a US tour with a well-known band at the time. I chose to have a normal job instead and here I am.

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