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Selima Q&A – Adam Jones

In honour of National Payroll Week, we asked Payroll Business Manager Adam Jones a few questions about his role and payroll in general.

adam j

Adam heads up our Payroll Service department and looks after a large team of payroll administrators. Working in payroll is a challenging role for the numerically minded and involves handling large amounts of money on behalf of our customers, so it’s imperative that our staff are the very best.

Can you give us a brief overview of your professional career in payroll?

I have now worked within the payroll bureau sector for the last 13 years. I started with a company similar to Selima as a payroll Junior before working with two other suppliers as Team Leader and then becoming Payroll Manager. My experience has helped me gain a vast amount of knowledge within in the bureau sector.

What drew you to the profession?

More by luck really, I left school having with no real direction as to what profession I wanted to pursue. Fortunately a previous employer saw potential in my customer facing skills and offered to train and develop me on my payroll skills and the rest is history.

What are the biggest changes you have seen during your career?

Definitely RTI (Real Time Information), the changes introduced to improve the operation of PAYE were the biggest in a long time. I’ve also seen the growth in outsourced payroll services such as our own.

You manage a large team of payroll assistants – what are yours and theirs major responsibilities?

Our obvious number one priority is ensuing people get paid. Failure to meet deadlines is simply not an option here – people need to be paid their salaries. My personal responsibility is to ensure the team are all highly organised, check processes are running smoothly and make improvements wherever possible.

Is there still work to do to raise the profile of payroll professionals? If so, what can be done?

Yes – working in payroll is ‘behind the scenes’ work. It’s a crucial profession but not generally recognised amongst those who don’t actually work in the industry. Events like National Payroll Week are great as they bring the profession to a wider audience and put faces to the people who process everyone’s salaries.

Your role seems quite demanding – how do you manage to work stress free?

Almost everything we do in payroll is deadline driven so it’s a case of ensuing we are highly organised and are always one step in front and proactive. It’s never going to be stress free as it’s a role that has a lot of responsibility but by ensuing we know what we are doing, by what date, keeps stress to a minimum!

What’s the best thing about being in payroll?

Understanding and being part of a very important part of everybody’s day to day life and the reason people get up in the morning for work. There is also a huge amount of job satisfaction when deadlines are met to the high standards we expect here at Selima.

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