Employee attendance tracking and engagement

Clock In & Out

Record arrival and departure times of employees using a tablet computer. Employees have a 4-digit PIN number to clock in or out. Know who is due to arrive for a shift, who is currently on-site and who is due to finish. Prompt for the employee to enter a comment if they are late.

Rota Times

Set up tolerances and rules to control the actual attendance times that are recorded in the rota against each employee. Use the manager override feature to correct clock exceptions or accept actual times over forecast times.

Feedback Campaigns

Make more use of the tablet computer used for clocking in and out. Setup feedback campaigns for your employees to complete as part of the clocking in process. Ask single or multiple questions and analyse campaign results.

Training Register

Capture details of attendance at scheduled training events with the integrated course register. Use the clock and ask attendees to clock in/out or allow the trainer to record attendance.

Evacuation Register

Take the tablet with you in the event of an evacuation and know who is currently in the building. Take a register and quickly identify if anyone is missing.


Use screens designed with touch in mind with features such as big buttons, larger fonts and an uncluttered layout that employees will find simple and intuitive to use.

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