Payroll Software

With 99.98% payroll accuracy Selima's Managed Payroll Software meets the needs of even the most complex organisations

Multiple Employments

Fully automated multiple employment aggregation easily handles employees with more than one employment with different terms and conditions. Ideal for organisations that employ people in multi role positions.

Pay Frequencies

Selima Payroll can handle any combination of pay frequency and pay spines. Employees can be paid by any combination of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly, meaning Payroll will support even the most complex of organisations.


When integrated with Selima HR, payroll processing becomes even simpler as time keeping records, and absences are directly reflected in the Payroll system. Ready-made interfaces to the most common systems make the transition of information across your back office systems as simple as possible.

No Manual Calculations

There is no need for payroll professionals to manually calculate any aspect of their payroll, no matter how complex. Fully automated retrospection ensures that all changes are seen instantly and calculated automatically with no need to run other processes. Manually calculating backdated pay awards is a thing of the past for customers who use Selima Payroll.


Comprehensive reporting provides a suite of standard reports most often used by payroll professionals. Easy to use report builders let you quickly, and accurately build bespoke reports, giving precise information exactly when needed. There is no archiving of data with Selima Payroll ensuring that payroll staff can gain instant access to all historical data such as salary and pension’s history, absence data and previous payslips.

Electronic Payslips

Go paper free with electronic payslips – available anytime anywhere. By adding our self service module to Payroll, employees can access their current or previous payslips at the touch of a button. When employees view their paylips, they can view the actual payslip or an easier to understand data view. P60s recent and historical will also be available for viewing, meaning no more requests for replacement copies.

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