Measure and manage performance - get the best out of your people


Set up and manage probation periods for new employees. Hold probation review meetings, set objectives and book training. Receive probation date alerts. Extend or complete a probation period when the current probation is due to be completed.


Record full case details of disciplinaries. Note all allegation details, hold meetings, complete an appeal if necessary, detail any action taken and record information if referral to the police is required.


Record complete details of grievances submitted by employees including grievance type, comments, date raised and attachments. Allocate the grievance to a manager for investigation and capture details of meetings, investigations and resolutions.

Skills Assessment

Define skills and target score levels. Group related work skills together to create a skills matrix. Attach skills matrices to posts and assess employee actual score against target. See overall assessment scoring, assessment history, skill gaps and change from last assessment. Use the skills assessment scoring to set objectives and target training.

Meetings & Reviews

Store information about meetings and reviews with employees. Record meeting type, date, description, performance and outcome. Set objectives for follow-up meetings and add training requirements. Set notifications for automated meeting reminders.

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