Fully integrated vacancy and candidate management

Vacancy Workflow

Define the workflow for each vacancy as required. Pick which application form is used, how many interview rounds there will be, if assessments are required and which email templates are to be used.

Branded Careers Micro-Site

Customise your own dedicated careers portal to your organisation’s standard branding to give it your look and feel. Link to the careers portal from your own website enabling candidates to apply for available vacancies when visiting your website.

Candidate Management

Manage candidates in a simple, efficient manner. Review CV’s, accept, reject or mark candidates for further review quickly. Candidates book interviews online, manage interview outcomes through assessment scoring and make offers using standard templates.

Job Boards

Integrate with your online job boards using our simple process. The system automatically sends vacancies to your job boards and receives details of candidates who have applied. Deal with all candidates in one system all with the same content and application forms.

Talent Pool

Build a talent pool of candidates. As each candidate applies they automatically go into your talent pool enabling you to manage both talent you’d like to see again and talent that doesn’t meet the required standards of your organisation.


Eliminate manager data entry for new starters with employees completing their own onboarding online.
Capture bank details, work history, qualifications, education and training to seamlessly feed onto the employee’s HR record.

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