Powerful workforce scheduling and labour cost control

Labour Optimisation

Quickly build your staff rota and manage your labour spend more effectively with the simple to use predictive labour optimisation features. Use real-time traffic light visuals to fine tune your rota and ensure you have the right level of resource when needed.

Wage Cost Percentage

The system clearly shows forecast and actual wage costs against budget as well as wage cost percentages. See when a location is going to over-spend or under-achieve and take prompt action to better manage labour costs.

Shift Codes

Define shift codes to quickly add standard shift times to the rota. Empower your employees with the ability to view their shifts, request shift swaps and notify you of availability to work. Advertise vacant shifts using self-service. Keep full manager-control of who is working and when using the authorisation workflow.


Analyse key financial statistics at single or across multiple locations. Review summary graphs for each day of the week to help quickly identify problem days or periods. Drill down to site level to identify which site requires action.

Location Dashboard

Provide location managers with a powerful and comprehensive snapshot view of each week. See key headline financial and statistical data at a glance. Checkout the integrated weather forecast feature where staff requirements can be weather dependent.


Help your managers to perform better and achieve your organisations’ standards using a wide range of configurable KPI’s embedded with the rota. Assess and analyse each location against the same set of KPI’s or define location-specific measurables.

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