Training Management

Comprehensive organisation-wide training management


Set up an unlimited number of courses with pre-defined information. Dictate minimum, maximum and optimum number of attendees, cost per attendee/event and duration. Assign a category and define content, target group, aims and objectives.


Pick a course and run an event. Choose a location, organise a trainer and book employees on the event via the appropriate route.

Events Portal

Provide your trainers, either internal or external, with access to your Events Portal. Allow trainers to manage the register, record absent attendees and to complete an event. Following event completion, trainers seamlessly provide outcomes of the course for each attendee.

Training Requests

Allow employees to view training events and submit training requests. Authorise or reject training requests via a manager approval process.


Details of the time and hours for employees attending training events is automatically fed through to the rota. Managers can see which course an employee is attending and how many hours they will be paid.

Results & Qualifications

Assign qualifications attained on successful completion of training courses. Following completion of an event, record the outcomes for each attendee and assign qualification, attainment level and qualification expiry date if applicable.

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