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Ten Top Tips for Employee Engagement

An engaged workforce are more likely to feel pride in their work and go that extra mile to finish things – with less mistakes. Happy employees will have a sense of loyalty to your business resulting in a lower staff turnover and making them great customer service advocates.

If you want to make your employees your competitive advantage, see higher levels of productivity with more innovation and reduced sickness levels then read on for ten top tips on engagement.

  1. Make sure your staff are in the right job and match individual skills to job roles.
  2. Ensure they have a proper contract, access to your company handbook and know the procedures in your business.
  3. Seems simple but…treat employees fairly and with respect.
  4. Listen! Consult with employees on new ways of working, unlock their ideas and in the process create a better team player.
  5. Allow employees to be part of the planning processes and not just an add-on.
  6. Providing clear career progression plans will help employees aspire to get on in your business.
  7. Inform, involve and inspire your senior management and line managers.
  8. Train and develop your line managers in leadership and people skills.
  9. Avoid command and control management styles – they will not help you get the best results.
  10. Work to be one of the top businesses to work for and your staff will believe it and want to get out of bed in a morning and work for you.

Content contributed by BeRightHR’s Director Barbara Barlow. BeRightHR is a Manchester based HR Consultancy offering services to small and medium sized businesses.

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