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Now Is The Time – Selima P11D

This week marks the end of the tax year – the busiest period in any payroll professional’s calendar. With P11Ds, P14s, P35s and employee P60s to be completed on time, year-end can often seem daunting! Expenses and benefits annual return forms must reach your HMRC office by 6 July.

Around 5 million P11Ds are submitted to HMRC each year and with the potential for penalties to be imposed for incorrectly returned or incomplete forms, it is crucial that the process is correct the first time. This is where Selima can help – utilising our software to file your P11Ds and improve the accuracy of the data collected.

Our P11D solution manages all taxable benefits including accommodation, cars and fuel, loans, private medical treatment/insurance, and more. The interface is simple and intuitive in that the P11D and working sheets replicate the official HMRC forms. Information can be viewed by benefit or employee and several employee records can be open at once, making comparison easy. Completed P11D’s or employee benefit letters can be emailed directly to your employees in order for them to complete their own tax returns.

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