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Tunnock’s Case Study

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Selima is a very easy company to work with and they go the extra mile when we need it. The kind of attitude Selima has is rare in suppliers these days and we value it highly.

Selima Payroll is immensely powerful yet very easy to use.  In 15 years it has never let us down and is a joy to use.

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Thomas Tunnock founded his family bakery just outside Glasgow in 1890. A long-standing local favourite, it was his son, Archie Tunnock who developed a line of biscuits in the 1950’s that transformed the company to the status of a Scottish icon.

Tunnock’s now make 10 million scrumptious biscuits every week with 2 million teacakes and caramel wafers being exported around the world. After 120 years, Tunnock’s is still family owned and run; its success is rooted in ethical, family values.

Critical Action

Tunnock’s employ 500 staff with the majority being weekly paid factory workers. The ethical, family values of the company have resulted in an exceptionally loyal workforce, with the average length of service being 20 years.

Few things are more important to those employees than being paid accurately and on time. Tunnock’s has used Selima for over 15 years and the software delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability – since using Selima; a payroll has never been missed.


Selima Payroll enables the lean management team at Tunnock’s to run payroll every week accurately, with timeliness and minimum fuss.

The software is extremely easy to use.  Integration with the company’s time & attendance system and automated processing of sick pay saves the management team huge amounts of time whilst ensuring high levels of accuracy.

Tunnock’s know that when they press the button to run payroll that Selima software will not let them down.

Tunnock’s Needed

  • Accurate, functional and reliable payroll software

  • Integration between Selima Payroll and the existing T&A system

Tunnock’s Achieved

  • Highly accurate and timely payroll processing

  • Huge time savings through integration with T&A

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