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What HR and payroll practices can safely be automated?

Automation has been something of a buzzword among businesses in recent years. For some, the thought of automation can be a daunting thing. We understand some may think of leaving certain tasks to software can be risky, especially if no one is there to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

For Selima, automation means drastically simplifying your HR and payroll practices. This leads to more essential hands-on time for employees. This is more time retail managers can spend with customers on the floor. More time teachers can spend with students in revision sessions.

However, we’ll take you through some regular HR and payroll activities that can be safely automated, and that will help your business in the long run.


Finding, hiring and training the right people can be costly and laborious. Automating these business processes can be the solution to drawing the right employees to the company, and then retaining them by increasing their engagement,  therefore keeping them satisfied.

Pay frequencies

For businesses that rely on paper payslips, any pay frequency setup can quickly become a nightmare. Especially for those businesses that operate a weekly pay frequency for its staff, automation can save hours spent in the back end of your business.

Payroll calculations

Put the calculator away by letting software calculate and process the payroll of each and every employee in the company. This is one of the key time saving components of payroll automation, by essentially taking a huge and often cumbersome task away from managers into a fully automated process.

Attendance and absence

It can be something of a hindrance when staff call in sick or report a sudden absence. Forms need filling out and attendance reports needs updating. Through automation, however, the process becomes simple. Again, by using software you’re not only saving paper, but also space and time.

Giving employees more agency

One great thing about moving to an automated system is that there can be elements that are actionable by your staff. This could include anything from requesting leave, viewing and printing electronic payslips and potentially choose shifts while out and about. This means less time spent chasing up employees, and just a quick reference to see who has requested what. It then takes managers not even a minute to make their desired decision.

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