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Why you should have HR software over the Christmas period

The festive season is unarguably one of the most stressful times of the year for businesses. Whether you’re a Michelin star restaurant or a stall at the Christmas markets, the Christmas period is by far the most successful and therefore most stressful time of the year. Of course, with the festive season, comes an entirely new set of challenges and obstacles for businesses, many of which land in the human resources department.

With so much happening over just a short space of time, the month of December can become a HR minefield that impedes that unprepared. As such, we’re discussing 5 real problems that integrated HR software can prevent.

Christmas Holidays

Typically there are a few days in between Christmas and New Years’ celebrations where employees would normally go back to work. Naturally, many employees would rather take this time off, which leads to a few challenges:

  •     Who, if anyone, will be available to work during this period?
  •     How are you planning to keep track of which employees are taking the time off?
  •     Do you need any incentives in place to keep some staff members working?

You may, understandably, be understaffed during this late December period. Many companies expect this and anticipate a good portion of staff to take the extra days off. Although many fail to plan in advance of this. Having HR software in place can help you to keep track of how much time employees are taking off over the period.

The Party

We’ve recently written a full blog post on how to handle your company Christmas party without issue. We’ll quickly reiterate that communication is key well in advance! If your chosen HR software features a staff calendar you can announce that the party is happening on a particular date. This ensures employees can’t say they didn’t get the memo if they have no other excuse for missing the party. This also helps those who regularly work away from the office or those who work from home!

The other side of party absences, the next day hangover, can also be easily prevented by planning the party for a Friday, as opposed to the middle or beginning of the working week. This naturally gives employees the weekend to recover should they go a bit overboard with the drinks!

Too many absences!

It’s Christmas, it’s cold, employees are working long hours, it’s potentially a recipe for disaster. Absences are more common this time of year given the circumstances, and if you’re in a company of a hundred or more employees, they can be hard to keep track of. HR software is commonly equipped with absence and leave management tools. This allows companies to more than adequately keep track of if or when absences start to become a problem.

Too much overtime!

How much is too much? Depending on the size of your business this can vary quite widely. However, by the time you see the signs (too much money is going on staff wages, or staff are looking noticeably fatigued) it’ll be too late. Losing more money than is necessary over the Christmas period is bad enough, but overworking your staff should never come into the equation.

Investing in HR software can allow you to effortlessly manage the amount of overtime that can be allocated to individual staff members, allowing you to strike a balance and only employ overtime when necessary.

The Power of Payslips!

This is a good time to bring up a powerful feature in Selima’s HR software, that allows employees to check their online payslips with a great level of detail. This is also accessible via smartphone, so staff are able to check this wherever they are.

This can be remarkably useful over the Christmas period as many companies will pay their employees earlier than usual (if operating on a monthly salary) in accordance with the number of holidays that come towards the end of the month. This gives your staff one less thing to worry about during the holidays!


As we’ve demonstrated, HR software can be a lifesaver over the potentially mental Christmas period. At Selima, we like to think our HR software provides a level of organisation and detail that’s unparalleled in the industry. If you want to learn more about how Selima can benefit your company over this potentially hectic period, check out our page, here, on our HR software solutions.

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